Sip, Smoke, Relax: Perfect Pairings Await

Discover Our Premier Wine Collection

Welcome to our Wine Selection at Tinder Box, nestled in the heart of the majestic Black Hills. As you enjoy the ambiance of our classic cigar bar, we invite you to explore our carefully curated selection of wines. Our collection is designed to complement the rich flavors of our hand-selected cigars, ensuring a perfect pairing for an unforgettable experience.

  • Copper & Thief Re Blend (Bottle Only)

  • Conundrum Red Blend

  • Stave and Steel Cabernet Bourbon Barrel Aged

  • Sean Minor Pinot Noir

  • Sean Minor Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Grayson Merlot

  • Aviary Cabernet

  • Cigar Box Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Aviary Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Stave & Steel Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Cigar Box Malbec

  • Manifesto Zinfandel

  • Graham’s Tawney Port, 20-year Aged

  • Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Porto

  • Tranzind Red Blend

*Our wine selection is constantly rotating to bring you the freshest and most exciting wines available. Due to this dynamic nature, the wine listed on our website may not always reflect our current inventory. We encourage you to visit us in person to explore our latest offerings and discover new favorites.

Our Cigar Box House Chardonnay is a locally crafted treasure, made with grapes harvested from the verdant vineyards nearby. It offers a beautiful blend of traditional Chardonnay flavors, featuring a bouquet of ripe apples and juicy pears with a whisper of creamy vanilla from its gentle oak aging. On the palate, it presents a harmonious balance of fruitiness and acidity, making it both refreshing and robust.
This Chardonnay is a delightful expression of balance and freshness. Originating from the cool climates of California's Central Coast, it showcases vibrant citrus and melon flavors complemented by a subtle layer of vanilla and toasty oak. A versatile wine that pairs beautifully with both light and rich cuisines, perfect for any occasion.
Rombauer's Chardonnay is famous for its rich, buttery profile and opulent peach and citrus fruit flavors, layered with spicy vanilla oak nuances. This half-bottle is ideal for those wishing to enjoy a luxurious wine experience in a more intimate serving size, perfect for a special meal or as a refined gift.
Although not exclusively Chardonnay, this white blend includes Chardonnay grapes and is renowned for its exotic blend of flavors. With notes of tropical fruits, green apple, vanilla, and a hint of butter, it offers a complex and enticing palate that's rich yet refreshing. Conundrum White Blend is an excellent choice for those seeking a wine with depth and a unique flavor profile.
Alias Chardonnay stands out for its approachability and charm. Crafted in California, it features flavors of green apple, pear, and hints of oak, creating a smooth and creamy texture. This wine is an excellent introduction to Chardonnay for new wine enthusiasts and a reliable favorite for its consistent quality and affordability.
Banrock Station Moscato hails from Australia and offers a light, fruity, and irresistibly sweet experience. This wine is vibrant with flavors of juicy peach, citrus, and honeysuckle, creating a delightful bouquet that enchants the nose and palate alike. Its effervescence and balanced sweetness make it a perfect choice for celebratory occasions or as a refreshing complement to spicy foods or rich desserts. Enjoy Banrock Station Moscato chilled for a refreshing taste sensation that captures the essence of Australian warmth and cheerfulness.
Pinot Grigio
IL Donato Pinot Grigio is a fine Italian wine that exemplifies the elegance and crispness characteristic of this varietal. It presents a light, refreshing profile with notes of green apples, pear, and a hint of almond. The finish is clean and crisp, making it an excellent companion to light pastas, seafood, or as a delightful aperitif. This wine is perfect for those who appreciate a subtle complexity and a refreshing acidity in their glass, embodying the vibrant spirit of Italy’s famed wine regions.
Gustav Schmitt Riesling is a classic German wine that brings together the traditional richness and elegance of the Rhine region. This Riesling is beautifully aromatic, featuring notes of ripe peaches, crisp apple, and a hint of lime. The palate is both sweet and tart, with a lively acidity that provides a refreshing finish. This wine pairs wonderfully with spicy Asian cuisine, rich cheeses, or can be enjoyed on its own as a delightful sipper. Gustav Schmitt's Riesling is a testament to the finesse and complexity that Riesling wines can offer.
Sauvignon Blanc
From the renowned wine regions of New Zealand, Mud House Sauvignon Blanc is a vibrant and crisp wine that captures the essence of its cool climate origins. It bursts with lively flavors of passion fruit, lime, and freshly cut grass, leading to a zesty finish that refreshes the palate. This wine is perfect for savoring on its own or pairing with light dishes such as salads, seafood, or goat cheese, offering a taste experience that is both invigorating and satisfying.